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Back in the Studio!

We're having the time of our lives recording Poole & Craib's new album.  We thought you might like to get a sense of how a song is built in the studio.  

For us, our guitars make up the first tracks.  Then we build on that foundation.  We've uploaded an excerpt of the guitar tracks for a song called Kamaole, named after the beach on Maui that some of you might know.  To hear the guitar track, just scroll down to "Kamaole Guitars," in Songs for a Curious World.

Welcome to my music page!

You can listen to each song in its entirety and you can download each for free.  To read a bit about the song and to follow along with the lyrics, click INFO before clicking the play button for the song.

There are two collections on this page.  The first is "Songs for a Curious World."  These run the full gamut from songs of love to songs of family to songs of life itself.  The second is "Across the Border."  This collection contains three songs from the ones I have written recently to express my feelings regarding our neighbours to the south.

across the border

In this collection of songs, I write about the wounds and worries that have characterized the last four years in America, as well as the sense of cautious optimism that is rising in their place.  I am not the first Canadian to write songs about life in America.  Some might find it audacious that Canadians would write songs about their neighbours, but I don’t. 

When America’s model of democracy and freedom works, others around the world are inspired to follow suit.  When its institutions falter and stagger with a sense of isolationism and racial divide, despots and populists feel vindicated.  Thus, we all watch America with a sense of trepidation and hope.  For people like me, this results in an inevitable outpouring of songs, independent of nationality. 

The four songs in this section span a continuum of time and emotional engagement, starting with a song that presents a hopeful vision for the future.  This is followed by a song expressing of grave concern, written in response to images of violence in Portland.  The next was written just after the election.  The section ends with a song inspired by the inauguration. 

I have reached out to many of my American friends and colleagues to help me make sense of all this, and I am deeply indebted to them for their thoughtful replies. 

I offer these songs with a call for hope and peace.