By far, the greatest source of energy and inspiration for my early work was Marilyn, Hudson, Carr and Poole. We performed and wrote together through the 1970s.  The musician I am today was indelibly shaped by those days—the intense work of rehearsal and the exhilaration of performing. 

The venues were often magical—the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Brackendale Gallery, CBC radio and television.  And the audiences were wonderful.  I was so inspired to write for the group that I couldn’t wait to take a new song into rehearsal.  No one has ever embraced my music more wholly than Marilyn, Dave, and Warren. 

And with all this, we had lives to live, careers to pursue.  So we went our separate ways in time.  But our love for that music and those times has never faded.  You will hear it in the music I write today and in the songs I sing.

Photo by Don Hudson © Copyright

Photo by Gary Osborne © Copyright