Gary Poole is a songwriter with an eye and ear for the journeys of our lives. His songs explore a world that is sometimes wildly complex and sometimes beautifully simple. 

In the early stages of his career, Gary was a creative force behind the group Marilyn, Hudson, Carr and Poole, writing their hit singles "For Today" and "Is It Any Wonder?"  Read more about this wonderful era in My Roots. 

Gary has played some of Vancouver’s fine music venues, including the Queen Elizabeth theatre and the Orpheum.


Photo: Jim Kwan

Hi Everybody ...

I began my concert work with Marilyn, Hudson, Carr and Poole.  Those shows planted a seed in me that has kept growing over all these years.  And so today, concerts are a big part of my musical life.  Back in the day, we would take the stage and quickly settle in.  Then, Marilyn would step up to the mic and say, “Hi everybody”— so simple, so welcoming, so Marilyn.  And then we would launch.  

Sadly, we lost Marilyn in August of 2018.  However, there are many ways we keep her alive in spirit.  One is that, to start each of my shows, I say, “Hi everybody” before my first chord.  If you hear me say those words, you will know why.  

Photo by Don Hudson © Copyright