Banner photo by Melanie Dekker — Elephant Ears Entertainment

Here are some videos to check out.  The first one, "Free Ice Cream Day," was recorded in January, 2023 at the Crossroads Coffee House -- a favourite place to play one of our favourite songs.  

In "The Singles Series,"  I have included videos of songs pulled from our November 2020 live-streamed concert.  "The Pandemic: Clouds and Silver Linings" is a series that explores the ups and downs of life during the pandemic.

The Singles Series: songs from the CD Launch Concert

In this video, Kevin and I invite you into our rehearsal space for a version of "This is Us," the title song for the CD.  We have discussed at times whether we like performing or rehearsing more.  It's a close call.  We have sorely missed performing in live venues.  Nothing can replace that feeling.  That said, rehearsal time is very precious.  It is a time of learning, of building, of guiding each other, and of much laughter and joy.  This is just one song from that space, and I hope you enjoy entering it.

Playing at "open mic" sessions is a rite of passage for acoustic musicians and songwriters.  There are quite a few venues in Vancouver, where I live.  Even so, I decided to wade into another city and try that scene, so I went to Los Angeles.  One of the places I played was The Pig 'N' Whistle, on Hollywood Boulevard.  Such a historic place!  This song tries to capture that experience.  I recorded it with Kevin Craib at our CD Launch Concert, November 7, 2020 at Creativ Music Centre in North Vancouver.  Enjoy!

"Alive" is a song co-written by Kevin Craib and Gary Poole. As the title suggests, this song celebrates the basic privilege of being alive. In this video, we perform the song at a live-streamed concert launching the release of Gary's new CD, "This is Me, This is You, This is Us."