Banner photo by Melanie Dekker — Elephant Ears Entertainment

Here are some videos to check out.  The first one, "Free Ice Cream Day," was recorded in January, 2023 at the Crossroads Coffee House -- a favourite place to play one of our favourite songs.  

In "The Singles Series,"  I have included videos of songs pulled from our November 2020 live-streamed concert.  "The Pandemic: Clouds and Silver Linings" is a series that explores the ups and downs of life during the pandemic.

The Singles Series: songs from the CD Launch Concert

Playing at "open mic" sessions is a rite of passage for acoustic musicians and songwriters.  There are quite a few venues in Vancouver, where I live.  Even so, I decided to wade into another city and try that scene, so I went to Los Angeles.  One of the places I played was The Pig 'N' Whistle, on Hollywood Boulevard.  Such a historic place!  This song tries to capture that experience.  I recorded it with Kevin Craib at our CD Launch Concert, November 7, 2020 at Creativ Music Centre in North Vancouver.  Enjoy!

The Pandemic series: clouds and silver linings

"Health care professionals have always done important and demanding work.  Many will say it was their calling.  In these challenging times, they are being called in ways I have never before seen.   

"This song is one small way to say 'thank you' for the remarkable contributions they are making the world over." 

This song is available for free download from the MY MUSIC page of the web site.