Photo by Don Hudson © Copyright

If you look at MY ROOTS, you will see that the days of Marilyn, Hudson, Carr and Poole were very important to me as a songwriter and performer.  Thanks to the remarkable archiving and engineering skills of Dave Hudson, we have some beautifully preserved songs and images from that era.  This page is dedicated to that time, and especially to Marilyn Jarvis, whose gorgeous voice and caring spirit brought joy to so many.

This opening video takes us back to the magical days of Marilyn Hudson Carr and Poole.  The song, "For Today," made it to the top ten on Canadian country music charts.  Every time we heard it on the radio, our hearts would jump into the rhythm of the song.

Huge thanks go to Campbell McCubbin for putting this video together.  It makes me smile, it makes me cry.  What a time it was!

The Music of Marilyn, Hudson, Carr and Poole