I wrote this song for a nursing graduation in 1986. Then, in the pandemic of 2020 the song became more prominent as nurses have been called upon to provide more care than ever.

Thanks to all nurses!


Because You Care

You’ve been there every time we needed you
And we’ve needed you now for such a long time
Everywhere that you go you must know we’ll be needing you
Needing you now with all our lives

In the night when the city sleeps around you
Someone calls out to you and you are there
‘Cause you’re the light that helps us through our darker times
And you are here today because you care

There’s a child barely born who’s calling out
So you’re reaching out to hold her near
And when we’re old and the cold winds chill our bones
You’ll help us home and dry our tears

When the fears and the doubts come over us
You’ll be comforting us by being there
And our lives will be touched in such special ways
And you are here today because you care

There’s a will to survive in all of us
And you’re helping us now to see it through
And there’s a dream that somehow is leading us
And you help believe that it can come true

For the times when it all seems crazy
And the load weighs you down more than you can bear
Just let your mind take you back to this very day
And that you are here today because you care

You are here today because you care
Know that you are loved because you care

© Gary Poole 1986