There was a time in my life when I did a lot of travelling. On airplanes, I got a lot of work done. In airport waiting lounges, not so much. There were lots of distractions, and yet the time waiting to board a plane seemed to crawl on forever.

To cope with this, I started playing Solitaire, using an app on my phone. This required just enough mental energy to make the time pass. Recently, I was doing this in Heathrow airport in London. The place was packed with people, and I was suddenly struck by the irony of me playing something called Solitaire in that setting. From that came this song.


Playing Solitaire in Airports

I spend a lot of time in airports playing Solitaire on my phone
Caught in a crush of people sitting all alone
And the thought crosses my mind
That after all this time
It’s no surprise that I’m
Playing Solitaire

This music comes from my grandad, at least that’s what I’m told
I never even met him, he never lived to get that old
But he left something in me
I think it’s plain to see
Call it an inheritance, call it a crazy dream
Cuz now it seems

They know me in California
They know me in Montreal
They know me on an island in the sea
But in this crowded airport lounge
They don’t know me at all
And that’s alright with me
I’m playing Solitaire

Now I’m playing Solitaire in airports
Flying everywhere but home
Dreaming of a love affair in my heart
While I’m playing Solitaire on my phone

I loved your understanding, I loved your gentle sighs
I loved the way you sang my melodies, and what that did to your eyes
But you couldn’t follow me
That, too, was plain to see
So the question now must be

Will I spend my life playing Solitaire?
Surrounded by these people flying everywhere
Burning up my time, with everyone in line
Standing here while I’m
Playing Solitaire
Living in a world where you’re not there

© Gary Poole 2023