I'm not entirely sure where this song came from. Sometimes it's like that with song writing. Maybe Betty's Picture came from a school reunion, or maybe just from looking at photos in albums.


Betty’s Picture

Betty was refined, the starlet of grade nine
And I had her picture in my wallet
It was the only one I had, ‘cept for the one of me and Dad
The year we won the little league trophy

But the one of Betty was particularly fine
Because I got it signed
It said, “Have a good year, (comma) Betty”

And though it didn’t say “love”, or give a signal of
Any kind of close relationship
I still took it as a good sign, especially in grade nine
That Betty let me have one of her pictures

Because Betty was beautiful to me
With such a lovely poise
So different from all the boys
Who hung around her like gulls at a seaside restaurant
A very nice restaurant

But I kept my distance, except for that one time
I asked Betty for her picture, and she signed it
She didn’t ask for mine, perhaps another time
But that photo was a treasure of the moment

The moment, oh the moment
When Betty gave her picture to me
Oh the moment, that magic moment
When I wondered how much better life could be

I think of Betty now, and I wonder how
She’s doing after all this time
Did she meet someone nice? Did she marry once or twice?
Does she have a bunch of grandkids?

Is Betty still alive and well?
Has her life been heavenly or hell?
What has happened through the chain of years?
Has she become a neighbourhood volunteer?
Or maybe she’s the owner of a seaside restaurant
A very nice restaurant

I should look her up online, take a little time
But for the life of me, I can’t remember her last name
Maybe it’s for the best, just let the whole thing rest
And think of her as if she’s just the same

As she was back in the mist that is grade nine
And that photo long since lost
And if I met her, would I ask her out to dine
At a seaside restaurant?
A very nice restaurant

© Gary Poole June 2018