1. Fifty

A friend once told me that, for her fiftieth birthday, she wanted to wake up to the sound of howler monkeys in the jungle. I thought this was such evocative and happy plan that I had to write a song about it. This version was recorded live at the Steveston Folk Guild.



On the day that I turn fifty I want to wake up to the sound
Of Costa Rican howlers calling my name
I want to hike into the forest and gently walk around
With creatures who are proud that they’re not tame

On the day that I turn fifty I’m gonna make sure I’m aware
Of every deep and precious breath I take
I’m gonna spend a quiet moment for those who can’t be there
And be thankful for each friendship that I make

And on that morning I’ll be pausing
To gaze up at the deep blue jungle sky
And if you ask me, I will say
I’m amazed at how those fifty years flew by

On the day that I turn fifty I’m gonna do a little dance
To celebrate a day without a care
And I promise I’ll be grateful for this little chance
To glide through the lush and humid air

And on that dawning I won’t be dreaming
My senses will be taken by what’s real
I’ll be listening to the calling
That tells me I should love the way I feel

On the day that I turn fifty I’m gonna cut myself some slack
And take a little time to just exist
And if the feeling strikes me I might let myself think back
And marvel at the story this all is

Repeat first verse

© Gary Poole, 2017