This song is dedicated to my brother's wonderful life partner, Carole.

The song isn't about Carole, but it is a whimsical tune, and it reminds me of the gorgeous art work Carole creates. For the family, the most notable creations are Carole's greeting cards, which are so very creative. They have brought more moments of joy than any of us could count.

Further to all that, Carole loaned me a Ukelele from her great collection for this song.

So here's to Carole, and whimsy everywhere!


Walking by the Gardenias in the Park

I’d like to reach down from a tree
And lift you up from your convertible
At a stop light as you made your way to work
We could go walking you and me, among the white gardenias
That grow beside the path down at the park

And the people at the office would wonder where you are
And send you texts to see that you’re okay
And you’d message them to say that everything is fine
You’re just walking by the gardenias for a day

Oo oo oo, Walking by the gardenias for a day

And you would get confused and start to think that it was Saturday
And say this will disorient your work
And we’d laugh about all that, and I’d wear that fancy hat
That makes me look like a film director from New York

And I’d ask if you’d want to go again tomorrow
But you’d say you didn’t really know
Was it too much to walk by the gardenias
For two days in a row?

Oo oo oo, Walking this way two days in a row

Then I’d ask how many times in your sweet life
Had you walked beside these flowers in this way
Then you’d say to take a guess, more or less
This was the very first time on this here day

Then I’d ask how many times you’d gone to work
And you’d tell me it was too many to say
Then I’d make the very cogent and clever point
That it wouldn’t hurt to walk here one more day

Oo oo oo, Walking by the gardenias one more day

Well, you might think that I’m delirious, but I am being serious
Imagining a life that’s lived this way
In delicious spontaneity, you and me here blissfully
Walking by the gardenias for a day

And you might ask what happened to your car
After I lifted you from the driver’s seat
And I’d remind you quite emphatically it can park itself automatically
At the very next meter on the street

So if this all appeals to you, this is what I’d like to do
Something a bit crazy now and then
This could be our life together, always asking whether
It’s time for the gardenias again

Oo oo oo, Let’s walk by the gardenias again
We could walk by the gardenias again

© Gary Poole 2021