1. All I Ask

All I Ask harkens back to the earliest days of my song writing life. I think it was the thirteenth one I had written. It was one of the first I thought could be taken seriously as a "real song."

This version is our first studio recording (Studio 3 in Vancouver). And it is quintessential Marilyn—one deep breath and one continuous take. Then she added harmony. Quite a moment for us.


All I Ask

I was brought into this life
One warm September morn
The sun it seemed to say to me
"You're lucky to be born"

I sat down and wrote a song
As soon as I could write
I'd sing it in the morning
The last thing every night

And though I know the time will not be long
All i ask of you, will you sing my song

Winding streams and broken dreams
And dreams that have come true
They paint my life by candlelight
And lead me here to you

But I don't want a pledge of time
To tie you to my side
All I want are your honest smiles
Upon them we could ride


I see the wings of flying things
Go freely past my eyes
If you and I were sailors
We would sail across the skies


© Copyright Gary Poole, 1970