1. United

Recorded at Creativ Music Centre



It’s a wonder we’re together
When so much can drive a pair apart
It takes a force of considerable nature
To keep alive the bond between two hearts

When I’m driven and distracted
You take it in your stride
And when I’ve over-reacted
You somehow abide

And time again we remain
United by the years and the time we cannot hide
United by children who fill our lives
United by the joy
United by the pain
United by both knowing we’d do it all again

There’s times when we’ve been gentle
Times when we’ve been tough
Times when we’ve been strong
Or not strong enough
Times we can’t remember how we got through
But somehow we always do

You have your life
And I have mine
It seems as though our paths just cross from time to time
But never doubt this bridge that we have built

Cuz time again we remain

United by the work, united by the play
United by the not-so-simple living every day
United by the things that keep us up at night
United by the calmness that comes with dawn’s first light

For the times I think you’re crazy
For the times you know I am
For the times we were in way over our heads
And somehow we swam
Here’s to staying united

© Gary Poole 2019