This song began as a guitar instrumental, written and performed by Kevin Craib. Then, many years later, Gary added the lyrics and melody. The result is a song that we hope will take people back to some of the major stepping stones of their lives. That's what it does for us.


There’s that run down old apartment just up from the bay
We lugged in all our furniture, and with that we were away
On a long eventful journey, through the twists and turns of life
Me getting used to “husband,” you getting used to “wife”

Some days we’d just shake our heads and laugh out loud
As we marveled at just how,
(Had we really been planning) all this that fell into our hands?
We were blessed
I kind of knew it then,
But I’m certain of it now

I’d fret about growing older even when I was still quite young
We were clinging to the ladder, we were climbing rung by rung
While the things that really mattered were right before our eyes
A little girl’s bright chatter, a newborn’s healthy cries

That was the music of our lives, day by day
It was a show without a bow
(Did we know we were playing) our symphony in time?
We were blessed
I think you knew it then,
I kind of knew it then,
But I’m certain of it now

There’s the time that trickled slowly, the time that rushed right by
The time that we lost track of and couldn’t fathom why
There’s the things that stayed forever, and the flashes in the pan
I’d like to piece it all together, but I just don’t think I can

Do the years teach us anything?
Oh they must
As we tumble on through time
(Did we know we were learning) to truly understand?
We were blessed
I think we both knew it then
I must have known it then
I’m certain of it now

© Kevin Craib & Gary Poole 2021