The summer of 2020 saw many demonstrations in the streets of America. In some cases, federal troops were sent in to confront the demonstrators. Portland, Oregon experienced some of the most dramatic of these confrontations, yielding images that made me genuinely worried for the direction the country appeared to be taking. This song is a plea for that direction to change back to something more peaceful and productive.


Is this Goodbye?

Is this Goodbye, America?
Is this Goodbye my old friend?
It would pain me so to see you go
And meet this sorry end
Is this Goodbye?

If it’s Goodbye, America
If it’s Goodbye, what can I say?
Through cold and hot I never thought
I’d see things end this way
Is this Goodbye?

Has there always been an undertow of hatred
That those of us on shore just couldn’t feel
You had a leader doing all that he could
To make sure that hatred is for real

Is this Goodbye, Goodbye America?
Is this Goodbye?

Goodbye America
That place I knew
The things we did when we were kids
How I looked up to you
Is this Goodbye?

Goodbye America
‘tis of thee
The smoke to dodge, the camouflage
It’s getting hard to see
Is this Goodbye?

But not for all the mothers
Who join arms to form a wall
Against a force to change the course
Of history for all
Don’t say Goodbye

Don’t say Goodbye to all that you’ve been loved for
Don’t say Goodbye to dignity and grace
Don’t say Goodbye to that sense of caring
That once upon a time defined this place


Goodnight my little one
It’s time for bed
So dream away to better days
That you won’t have to dread
Goodnight my little one

And when the sun comes up tomorrow
What will those first rays find?
A country laid to waste by endless hatred
Or one that wants to leave that hate behind?

Is this Goodbye
Goodbye America?
Is this Goodbye?
Is this Goodbye?

If it is, it’s more than smoke
That makes me cry

© Gary Poole 2020