1. Home

Some songs come from the simplest of moments. In this case, I had just finished a long work day. As I walked in the door, I thought with some relief, "I'm home."

As is often the case at times like this, I began wondering how many people have that same thought, and how many people don't or can't have that thought. That was the beginning of a song simply called Home.



His father fished this river and his father’s father too
And now he’s hauling in these nets like his children will not do
He turns that little boat, bow toward the tide
He fights against the currents where the river gets wide
His hands are calloused, his shoulders bear the strain
Then as he heads up river, he longs to say again

He’s home, he’s home
The moment he walks through that door
He’s home, he’s home
He’s never been so sure
Of where he is or what it’s all for
He’s home

She takes the kids to daycare before the break of day
They run up to the window to watch her drive away
She picks them up at nightfall from a day of cleaning rooms
Of rubber gloves and things to scrub, of bed sheets and brooms
But at least now they’re together as they climb those wooden stairs
And for one shining moment they haven’t got a care

Because they’re home, they’re home
The moment they walk through that door
They’re home, they’re home
They’ve never been so sure
Of where they are or what it’s all for
They’re home

For you who live on sidewalks or in darkened alleyways
Where hope for a kinder home seems a million miles away
In a better world at the end of your endless day
You would simply turn a key and then you could say

You’re home, you’re home
The moment you walk through that door
You’re home, you’re home
You’ve never been so sure
Of where you are or what it’s all for
You’d be home
You’d be home


© Gary Poole December 2018