When little ones move from babyhood to toddlerhood, everything changes. They’re so proud to be walking, and everything becomes fair game—stereo controls, kitchen cabinets and the family pet. This song is about two little boys when they entered this magical phase of their lives.


Two Little Boys

Two little boys walkin’ around
Pushin’ all the buttons and fallin’ down
But that’s okay, they just get up again

When they’re two little boys walkin’ around
Pickin’ up things and puttin’ them down
Cuz that’s what you do
When you’re two little boys

Pointin’ at places they’ve never been
Pointin’ at things that they’ve never seen
And that would be just about everything

Yes, two little boys kickin’ a ball
Bootin’ that thing up and down the hall
Then they pick it up and give it a fling
Chew on it a while, chew on most anything

Hey, wait a minute, that ball was mine
But you can have it now, that’ll be just fine
I can go and get it some other time
And We’ve got lots of toys
The world is one big toy for two little boys

Let’s dance now!

How’d we get so lucky to have these boys around
Pushin’ their cars all over and makin’ that crazy sound
Come and give granny a kiss,
Who could know life could be like this
Whenever they’re away we miss
Those two little boys

They’re learnin’ new stuff all the time
Wavin’ hello and wavin’ good bye
Give a high five, yeah give us a hug
Cuz you’re cute as a bug
When you’re two little boys

Two little boys, toddlin’ around
Pushin’ our buttons like little clowns
And changin’ our lives
Those two little boys

© Gary Poole 2016